Fun Idea's for Rocky Point!




If you want to see Rocky Point, "like you have never seen it before", try the Ultra Lights. Located on the dirt road leading to the Reef Club, (Reef Club is between town and Cholla Bay, on Sandy beach), you will find several Ultra Lights waiting to take you on the ride of your life. With 17 years flying experience, my pilot, Alfredo, flew from the Reef Club, down the sandy beach, past the harbor and Malecon, over the town and back to Reef Club (rides will vary). The ride lasted a full 15 minutes and offers the best view of Rocky Point you will ever see. We hope you will give it a try next time your in town.

  15 minute rides have been only $40 in the past.

Speaking from personal experience, "It is well worth it!".





We are extremely proud to announce that we found a company that teaches Kite Surfing in Rocky Point! They offer lesson and equipment starting at $65 and up. They will teach anyone of any age who wants to learn how to Kite Surf. In January 2007, they will have 20 different countries coming to Rocky Point to compete in their first major competition. Very exciting! If you have any interest in learning how to Kite Surf, or have some questions on "where and how", please contact Robert or Amanda.

Robert and Amanda can be reached at 602-820-8147

While in Rocky Point, you can contact Robert, Amanda, Tommy or Omar at 638-10-53700

To view the Kite Surfing website

Click: RockyPointKiteSurfing    






The wait is finally over. They now offer Golf in Rocky Point! Pack up your golf clubs and head to the Links for the day. For all the best information, including Prices and Tee Times,

Click: Golfing in Rocky Point
















Have you attended one of the many different Events held in Rocky Point? No, not yet? Then grab your calendar and lets get busy. Rocky Point host so many different events throughout the year, that you can't miss them all, I guarantee! Events ranging from Chili Cook-Offs, Sky Diving Tournaments, Concerts, Sail Boat Races, Food Festivals, Cinco De Mayo, Easter and Holy Week, Day of the Dead, Fishing Derby's, Kite Sailing Competition, and much much more! Mark the calendar for your next event today!



           ROCKY POINT


This amazing event is so big, it had to be separated from the events (above). The Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally has been going strong for 6 years, making it one of the Best Events held in Rocky Point, attracting over 5,000 riders and "party goers" in 2005. We anxiously wait for November, 2006!

In fact, this year we are proud to announce that our friends at the Discovery Channel, (who have already booked their lodging through Synergy Reservations, Inc.), will be traveling to Rocky Point to film this years event for an up coming episode of Biker Build-Off. They are filming an special portion of this episode on the Malecon on Saturday, November 11th, from 11am to 4pm. We will try and keep you posted as to when this will air.

We know that this year will be bigger and better than ever before, thanks to everyone's support, so we hope to see you among the crowd, enjoying the Food, Friends and Fun!!! For more information on the Rally itself,

Click: Rocky Point Rally 

For additional photos of the Rally from 2005, Click: Bike Rally 






Have you been wanting to Kayak on the beautiful Sea of Cortez? Do you have an "itch" to see some Dolphins close up? Well, you can do just that! Kayaks are available for rent in the Old Port. Kayak rentals are available across the street from the Church & Thrifty Ice Cream. If you drive through the Fish and Shrimp Market (Malecon area), past the Vina Del Mar Hotel, and head back toward town, you will drive right to the Kayak rental. If you don't have a truck to transport the kayak to the ocean, Jeff can help you with that. He can arrange a drop off and pick up time for you. "Those who Kayak in the early morning, before all the boats invade the water, are more likely to see Dolphins than all the land lovers....         (just a thought.)

To contact Jeff or Audrey to set up your Kayak rental, Call 011-52-638-38-36209





Are you looking for something fun for you and the kids to do, but you don't want to spend a lot of money? We can recommend the many Banana Boats all around the beaches in Rocky Point. You can take a slow, casual ride with the kids, or "kick it up a notch", and run wild on the Sea of Cortez. The Banana Boat ride usually only cost $5 per person. "That is a ton of fun for very little money", and it's well worth it.





Bring me your "Crazy, Adrenaline, Speed Junkies", please!! Oh, and don't forget your Jet Ski or Wave Runners!!! You don't have one? Well, "No Worries". We have found a place where you can rent several 3 seater, 2006 Kawasaki Wave Runners in Rocky Point. If you want to find out prices and what type of water craft is available, please contact Joanna at Del Mar Charters at 1-520-407-6054











No Joke! You can rent your own 16 to 20 foot boat in Rocky Point, anywhere from 1 to 8 hours, and have the best time you have ever had. If you want a Guide to take you on your first trip, they can arrange that in advance, if you give them a call. "I imagine their are some people who are a bit nervous about taking a boat out on the ocean, by yourself, for the first time. We know how you feel, because my wife and I felt the same way... Until now! I, (Shea), am the biggest wimp when it come to trying something new. Trust me! Even so, my wife and I have taken the Rocka Point Rental out twice now, both time, by ourselves; No Guide or Driver. We have conquered our fears and found out how fun it is to rent a boat by yourself!! "Now, we want to rent a boat on every trip we take!" Its a nice feeling to be able to take a boat ride, relax and get away from EVERYONE, if you so desire."

"Shea Peil and Lolis Del Valle of Synergy Reservations, Inc."

For additional photos and all the information needed to book your boat rental today,

Click: Rocka Point Boat Rentals



If you would like to take your Sailboat to Rocky Point for a bit of fun on the Sea of Cortez, "by all means", please do. We see sailboats in the water often when we visit Rocky Point. If you happen to see a dozen or so in the water at the same time, then you have stumbled onto a Sailboat Race. It a beautiful sight. They have several races each year, either in front of the Playa Bonita on Sandy Beach or in Cholla Bay. If you would like to enter a future race,






If you would like to take a Horse Back ride, head over to Sandy Beach. You can find the Horse Rentals usually between Las Gaviota's condos and the Playa Bonita hotel. "Please help these Horses "break the boredom" and take them for a Ride. Thanks.






If you are looking for a fun place to enjoy some good Snorkeling, then head to Rocky Point as soon as you can. We have had many wonderful adventures snorkeling around town in the past 5 years, and we plan to have many more. I, (Shea), even love to snorkel at night, so I can watch the Stingrays and other creatures come out and feed and play. It gets my heart pumping! I have seen large schools of fish (all sizes), Stingrays (many, many times), Jellyfish (Don't touch), and my personal favorite (photo above), the Shovelnose Guitar Fish. For additional photos and idea's on places to Snorkel,






Alright. Here's the scenario. You live in Arizona. Your certified to Dive. Where do you go? One of the local lakes? Dirty, but fun, I guess. Maybe to California? It's going be over 6 hours driving? Have you tried Diving in the beautiful Sea of Cortez yet? No!? Well, maybe it's time. If you are certified to dive, but don't have all your own equipment yet, just contact the Sun n Fun Dive Shop, located before the Old Port (fish market). Patti, the shop owner and operator, has lived and worked in Rocky Point for over 15 years. She know more about the Sea of Cortez than most Americans we know! To contact Patti,






Have you been Parasailing in Rocky Point yet? Well, we can tell you from personal experience that it's fun, easy ,and very safe. Our friend went on a 10 minute ride at the end of a thousand foot line and filmed the entire ride. He told us it is so amazing because once your all the way up inside the parachute, it's so peaceful and quiet. Our friend added a bit of excitement to his ride by leaning back in his harness and looking at the world upside down. Loco gringo! If you want to try parasailing on your next visit, please contact Joanna at Del Mar Charters at 1-520-407-6054 for more information.






If I were to ask you, "What is the one thing you can find all over Rocky Point that's is not only affordable, but extremely fun?" You would say....... Fireworks, of coarse! You can buy fireworks year round in Rocky Point. Firework sales are everywhere, from the Shops and Stores, to the Beach Vendors that bring the fun to you. Bring some extra cash (not only for beer) and get ready to light up the night sky!






Shopping is always available all around Rocky Point. If you need anything from clothing, sunglasses, hats, toys for the kids, ceramics, Mexican arts or paintings, or all types of jewelry, no problem at all. They have shops everywhere in Rocky Point. Oh, and don't forget you can buy Fireworks to enjoy on the beach at night. Bring some cash for Shopping (they don't take credit cards or checks) and have fun!





If you think about it, Rocky Point is a Fishing Village. So with that in mind, you can find some of the best fishing guides ever. Fisher Charters can be found in several different ways. You can contact Patti at the Sun N Fun Dive Shop at Dive Shop. She has been in Rocky Point for over 15 years and she is the most knowledgeable about the Fishing Charters for rent. Now, if you don't wish to book a charter ahead of time, and just want to "wing it", you can drive to the Malecon once your in Rocky Point. On the way to the Malecon, just past Patti's Dive Shop, is a bunch of Fisherman waiting to fill their boats for the day. Just pull over and begin negotiation. It's a simple as that. To view Patti's website,



Bring your Quads, Atv's or Sand Buggie to Rocky Point and make your own off road adventure. You can find plenty of sand dunes to enjoy between Sandy beach and Cholla Bay. If you want to rent an ATV,  there are plenty of rentals all over town. They also have the Extreme Golf Carts to rent over by the Penasco Del Sol. Look for Gator Rentals. 





Rey Del Mar is available for private charters & special events. This is "currently" the only Pirate Ship in Rocky Point! They offer a 2 hour sunset cruise packed with interactive games & contest, break-dancing crewmen, and a fireworks show to end it all. Don't forget to ask for your "free shot of Tequila" before you leave the boat.

Contact Captain Tony at 011-52-638-38-35155 or












That's right! Dancing. I know you want to find a great club or bar in Rocky Point to enjoy a night of dancing and drinking with some friends and loved ones. We do too! Here are a few places we can recommend. JJ's Cantina, located in Cholla Bay. Peusta Del Sol, located at the Playa Bonita hotel. Manny's Beach Club, located on the Rocky Beach. Pink Cadillac, located on the Strip ( by Rocky Beach), and Pitahaya Bar, located on Rocky Beach.


















If you want to taste some amazing food, "just South of the Border", then head to Rocky Point as soon as possible. There are so many wonderful restaurants offering new and traditional Mexican meals, that the choices are endless. You can find great Mexican and American meals at places like Flavio's, Senor Amigo's, La Curva, Senor Shrimp II, Shark Bite, Santana's Coffee Casa, Casa Del Capitan, Friendly Dolphin, the Light House, and Puesta Del Sol. The also have German Cuisine available at the Coffee Haus. If your in the mood for a little Italian, try Porto Fino's. If you want the best whole and half fried chicken, try Pollo Lucas. If you want to spend very little on breakfast, but get more for your buck, then you want to eat at Lolita's. For the best information, including locations for each restaurant,

Click: Restaurants  A - F    Or:   Restaurants  L - T    





If you are certified to dive, love to go fishing, want to snorkel with the kids , or just need some ocean toys, contact Patti at the Sun n Fun Dive Shop. The Dive Shop is located before the Old Port, on the right side of the road, as you drive toward the Malecon. Patti has rental gear for diving, snorkeling & beach fishing. She can also help find a good fishing charter or sunset cruise to enjoy during your trip, if you prefer the open ocean. The dive shop has tons of items for sale and for rent, and they accept Visa and Master Card.

                                                                                                                    Contact Patti at 011-52-638-38-35450












Have you been to the Aquarium in Las Conchas? Not yet? Well then, grab the family, get your camera or video recorder, and lets go! The Aquarium is a great place to take the whole family. The aquarium is equipped with so many different smaller fish tanks showing all the wonderful ocean creatures found in the Sea of Cortez. They also have some larger tanks with Eels, a Puffer fish, Stingrays, a Lobster (rarely seen in Rocky Point), and a very large, beautiful Golden Dogfish. The best feature is the 2 larger tanks with the Sea Turtles and Sea Lions that you are allowed to touch and feed. Squid and Fish Pieces are available for $1 per bag.

The Aquarium is located on the way to Las Conchas, before Cedo.

Open: Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm. / Saturday & Sunday 10am to 6pm.

Current prices may vary.

When we went is was: Adults $3.00  Children $2.00

All contributions are used for the support & maintenance of the Aquarium.

Call 011-52-638-38-20010 if you have general questions.








Hey, all you Oyster Lovers out there. Have we got a "hot" tip for you! Yes, It's true. Rocky Point has Oyster Farms, outside the Las Conchas area. My wife and I drove for 10 minutes down a dirt road (a little better for trucks than cars) in our Ford Escort and found some of the freshest Oysters we have ever tasted. Carlos, the gentleman who served us, went right out to the low tide and pulled out a basket of fresh oyster. As he began to shuck the oysters open, he told us about the history of his farm, where he gets the baby seeds, and how long the oysters take to grow. He also showed us the mesh bag with the little oyster seeds that will grow into beautiful, healthy oysters some day. Carlos knows a lot about being an Oyster Farmer, and he has some tasty Oysters waiting for you! The whole experience was wonderful from beginning to end, and the oysters were the best ever!

How much were they, you ask? We had 12 fresh oysters for $4.


(bring your own hot sauce)


Intercultural (Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts & Oceans)

CEDO is the premier environmental organization in Rocky Point. For over 20 years, this bi-national non-profit institute has been working for the benefit of the Sea of Cortez, the coastal Sonoran Desert, and the people of the region.

Recently, in late 2006, CEDO has come under siege from new developers who do not respect anyone but themselves. They have brought in their large machinery and destroyed the surrounding land around CEDO, making it extremely difficult for them to hold classes and continue their Eco tours. Please contact CEDO before your travel dates, to ensure that they are still hosting events in 2006, and again starting in 2007.

CEDO sponsors a variety of educational and Eco-adventure activities in Rocky Point. To receive more information about any of these events, you can contact them at:






Are you looking for a Romantic place to have your Wedding? Have you considered Rocky Point, Mexico? We have seen several wonderful ceremonies that have taken place on the Sandy Beach in Rocky Point. If you want to talk to the Experts, and make your wedding plans today, please contact Sol Mendez or June Penticost. They have been working together for over 10 years and can help you with any questions you may have. For more information,

Click: Weddings in Rocky Point or












What is the one things you can enjoy in Rocky Point, every day, "free of charge"? The most beautiful Sunsets ever! If you want to enjoy one of these beautiful Sunsets with someone you love, only 4 hours from Tucson, Phoenix or Scottsdale.


CEDO conducts free public lectures and demonstrations on the ecology of the Sea of Cortez on Tuesdays at 2:00pm and Saturdays at 4:00pm. Great for kids and adults!

Recently, in late 2006, CEDO has come under siege from new developers who do not respect anyone but themselves. They have brought in their large machinery and destroyed the surrounding land around CEDO, making it extremely difficult for them to hold classes and continue their Eco tours. Please contact CEDO before your travel dates, to ensure that they are still hosting events in 2006, and again starting in 2007.